Top 10 Gardens of Devon

South Devon is a paradise for tourists, boasting scenic beaches, historical castles, museums, and gardens. It offers attractions suitable for visitors of all ages and interests.

In this blog, we will cover the top ten gardens of South Devon for explorers and nature lovers alike.

Royal Avenue Garden

Situated in the centre of Dartmouth, the Royal Avenue Garden presents stunning views of boats floating in the harbour, umbrella-like trees, walkways, and flowers. Its triple-tier stone fountain and cast-iron bandstand are the main features. The garden is filled with flowers, beautiful walking paths, and well-crafted borders. The Antipodean, Mediterranean, Veal, and Rose gardens are the most scenic areas. The waste removal services make sure that the beauty of this garden remains preserved. For further information, please click here.

Greenway Garden

Greenway Garden, more commonly known as Greenway Estate, is situated in Galmpton and was developed in 1954 by Agatha Christie and her family. The garden is filled with woodlands that stretch towards the Dart Estuary. It features a peach house and a vinery. If you are planning to visit this place, do not forget to see The Boathouse, which was the scene of the crime in “Dead Man’s Folly,” and Cannon.

Dartington Garden

Dartington Garden, commonly known as Dartington Trust, is a beautiful garden with over 1000 years of history spread over approximately 26 acres. You will experience the influence of various historical eras as you stroll through the vistas, sculptures, and ancient trees. Alongside seasonal flowers, herbs, and wildlife, you can also enjoy local food at restaurants within the garden.

Kingsbridge Garden

Kingsbridge Garden in Bloom is a beautiful place and a great source of entertainment for the local community and visitors, as it organizes many events throughout the year. It features an Echium, Cottage Garden, and wild garden to enjoy with family.

Coleton Fishacre

Situated in Kingswear, this garden presents stunning views of coastal areas through the trees. It features beautiful pathways that pass by tranquil ponds, flowers, vegetables, and plants from different parts of the world. Coleton Fishacre also won the Bronze award at the “Visit Devon Awards” in 2014 for attracting a large number of visitors.

The American Garden of Powderham Castle

Powderham Castle is surrounded by grounds, walkways, woodlands, and gardens. The American Garden covers 7 acres and is situated between the castle grounds and the Plantation. It features circular walkways that wind past trees imported from America. In addition to the garden, visitors can also enjoy the castle and the serene beauty of its associated buildings.

Connaught Garden

Connaught Garden covers 1.25 hectares and opened as a public park back in 1934. Situated in Sidmouth along the coastal headland, this garden features lawns, walking tracks, old trees, and vibrant seasonal flowers. It also includes a large lawn and playground, making it an ideal place for enjoyment during sunny winter days.

Bicton Botanical Gardens

This garden spans over 64 acres and is one of the most beautiful gardens with plenty of activities for families. It features lush green lawns, water fountains, flowers, trees, and grounds. Visitors can also enjoy attractions such as the Bicton Woodland Railway, Palm House, historic glass houses, Countryside Museum, and more. It offers all the ingredients for a full day of family entertainment.

Buckland Abbey & Gardens

The Buckland Abbey and garden are full of lush green lawns, orchards, pathways, and woodlands, offering mesmerizing views of the Tavy Valley. It includes multiple gardens and a Cider House garden, though the Wild Garden is the most famous among all. The abbey is part of the museum, which takes you through 700 years of history. It also features a medieval Tithe Barn, which was once used for storage.

Overbeck’s Garden

This garden is one of the newly constructed gardens in the UK, built by Edrin Hopkins in the 20th century. Overbeck features more than six gardens, including the Gazebo, Statue, Old Quarry, Olive, Banana, and Woodlands. The pathways in these gardens are beautifully designed and complement the plantings, offering serene beauty during a countryside walk.

Final Words

As it is said, “When the world wearies and society fails to satisfy, there is always the garden”. The garden takes you close to nature, offering food for thought. The beauty of these gardens can not be preserved without garden rubbish removal services. South Devon is a place of beautiful landscapes and natural beauty, and these gardens offer you much more than you expect. Do visit these gardens to see the awesome beauty of Devon.

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