Top 10 best small electric cars 2024

The interior is also a massive improvement over previous 500s too. It’s still quite plasticky, but it looks great, the seats are comfortable and the infotainment is logical and responsive. There’s even a convertible model with a roll-back canvas roof. It’s still not great for tall drivers, though, and it goes without saying that you shouldn’t plan on carrying adults in the rear very often.

Inflation and the death of the Plug-in Car Grant have not been kind to the electric 500’s list price, though. At launch, you could buy one for under £20,000, but now the range starts at around £30,000. If you want the longer-range version, you’ll need to fork out at leven more. That’s a fair chunk of change for such a tiny tot, but we’re still quite fond of this tiny, fashionable EV that’s surprisingly good to drive when you escape the city.

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3. Vauxhall Corsa Electric

Pros: Decent real-world range, refined

Cons: Not much fun to drive, cramped rear seats, imperfect driving position

Vauxhall’s sibling to the Peugeot e-208 doesn’t quite have the same style or imaginatively configured interior of its sibling, but because it’s largely the same underneath, it’s still one of the best small electric cars.

Early versions were a little behind the Peugeot on range, but an update that added a taller final drive ratio and a standard heat pump lifted the range from 209 to 222 miles; and now, a battery capacity hike and new electric motor has lifted it again, this time to 246 miles. 

The Corsa Electric’s facelift also brought with it a thoroughly revised front end, and a new multimedia system. Unfortunately, it also comes with a chunky price increase, up to more than £35,000.

The Corsa might be a little plainer than the Peugeot, but to our eyes, it still looks handsome enough; especially in its latest form. The driving experience combines genuine 220-mile everyday battery range with keen and competent handling and a comfortable ride, while 100kW DC rapid charging compatibility as standard should be a selling point too. Vauxhall also has purchase incentives for a free home charger installation and access to a special home energy tariff.

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