This high schooler stopped a tush push with A WRESTLING MOVE

The tush push has become football’s greatest dilemma. At the highest level of the sport, NFL teams cannot figure out how to stop the Philadelphia Eagles from using the tush push. It’s gotten to the point where legislation regarding the Eagles’ version of the QB sneak is being brought to the front of the table of discussion, potentially ruling the play illegal.

Well, it looks like the solution to the tush push might’ve been found…at the high school level. Lumberton High School LB Easton Stapleton has found the secret formula to defending the tush push, and it involves a little bit of pro wrestling too.

This play is so impressive on so many levels, but let’s start with the timing first. The fact that he was able to jump the snap almost instantly shows an insane level of reaction speed and scouting to know what they do in these areas and what the tush push looks like. Next, just the sheer athleticism to make this play, flipping over the offensive linemen and the QB to roll the ballcarrier down for a TFL. This is right out of Amazing Red’s playbook, using the Code Red to get a stop. I gotta know if this kid is a wrestling fan because he pulled it straight out of Smackdown vs. Raw 2007.

I’m not sure what Stapleton’s recruiting aspects look like, but he’s got a bright future in either football or professional wrestling. Someone needs to sign this kid immediately.

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