Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce: Everything you need to know about dating rumors

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are America’s newest power couple. The superstar singer showed up at a Kansas City Chiefs game in Week 3 after rumors circulated that the two had been quietly hanging out. Swift and Kelce were shown exiting the stadium together in a viral video, and were seen driving away in Kelce’s car. Swift’s appearance at the game legitimately overshadowed everything else happening in the NFL, with images of her in Kelce’s skybox being plastered all over television and social media.

Will Taylor tell Kelce “You Belong with Me”, or will the veteran tight end eventually become an “Anti-Hero” to Swifties around the world? One thing is for sure: if Swift shows up at another Chiefs game this season, the eyes of the entire sports and pop culture landscape will be on her.

We are keeping track of every update on Swift and Kelce in this stream.

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