alligator attacks

Residents of Sugar Land are concerned about recent alligator attacks

Sugar Land neighbors claim that their boats were attacked by aggressive alligators recently. Two boats were bitten by alligators in the past two weeks, according to them.

Trappers are now trying to capture the reptiles so that no one gets hurt. Signs are posted nearby that indicate that alligator trapping has begun.

Although no one knows why the neighbors say it is frightening. Dee Connors, president of Greater Houston Rowing Club said that he has been rowing for over 20 years and had never experienced an alligator attack.

She stated that the problem began about two weeks ago when an 80-year-old man was rowing in the early morning.

She said, “One day, he hit alligators with his oar.” “The alligator bit the boat’s end and it started sinking. But he managed to make it to shore the second day. The alligator had to walk his boat for about a mile but he was not hurt.

A picture taken right after the attack shows the clearly visible teeth marks in the jagged hole in the man’s boat.

It happened again last week. “Another rower was just rowing behind me, and another alligator chomped on the end of his vessel. He didn’t work as hard as the first so he was able row it to shore,” Connors stated.

It is not known what could be causing the alligators to act in this manner. One source claimed that the vegetation on Oyster Creek’s banks has been cleared and this could have exposed their nests.

Connors stated that First Colony’s Home Owners Association has enlisted help from the game wardens and trappers in order to capture the aggressive animal.

Although they caught it so far, rowers are concerned that it might not have been the only one.

“They got one of these gators, but they took the second bite after the first one was taken,” Connors stated. “So either it’s an aggressive gator or the wrong one.”

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