Praying for Your Teen’s Heart and Future

Many moms and dads parent out of fear because the challenges their children face seem much greater than previous generations. They feel unsure about guiding their teen through the pressures of social media, depression, anxiety and addiction. They feel even less confident about helping their teen develop a sincere faith.

Jodie Berndt is a Bible teacher and speaker whose latest book is called Praying the Scriptures for Your Teens. She’s with us on our Focus on the Family Broadcast “Praying for Your Teens Heart and Future” to share how to strengthen your teenager’s character for the inevitable crises to come by creating habits of prayer.

Jodie points to 1 Samuel 7 where the prophet Samuel prayed, and God miraculously saved Israel from their enemies. Samuel then set up a stone near the battlefield as a reminder of what God had done. Parents need similar reminders that anchor us in all that God has done while bolstering our faith in what He’ll do for us in the future.

We discuss:

  • Relinquishing control. Learning how to “let go and let God” will improve your relationship with your teenager.
  • Technology and social pressures. Technology offers many benefits, but moms and dads are right to feel skeptical about its influence in their kid’s lives. We discuss boundaries to keep your kids safe.
  • Sex. Conversations with your teenager about sexuality can be intimidating. Jodie observes that parents who are uncomfortable talking to their teens about sex often have a hard time praying about the topic as well.
  • Faith. It’s not uncommon for teenagers to question – or even doubt – their childhood faith. Jodie says, “Talking to our kids about God is not nearly as important – or as effective – as talking to God about our kids.”
  • Trust. Parents of teens eventually realize we can’t always protect our kids, but we can trust that God will always be with them.

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