Pepe Surge Signals Meme Coin Comeback But Low-cap Assets Like Dogeverse Steal the Show

Pepe has gained 11% on the 24-hour chart, signaling a meme coin comeback. While the broader market environment still looks uncertain, a meme coin rally is likely on the horizon.

Pepe has made its way to the trending list with the gains, but the spotlight is on low-cap meme coins. Notably, Dogeverse (DOGEVERSE) has hit the $13M milestone in its presale.

The presale of $SEAL began on Thursday, raising $100,000 within the first few hours. Sealana is the latest meme coin sensation.

Dogeverse Leads the Meme Coin Frenzy

Dogeverse (DOGEVERSE) has placed itself at the forefront of the May rally.

Within a month of its presale launch, the Dogeverse Twitter community has grown to 12,000 Twitter followers. Even amid market fluctuations, the presale continued to see massive traffic.

Amid the crowd of dog coins, Dogeverse sets itself apart with a multichain infrastructure. Integration across major blockchains like Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Solana, Avalanche, and Base gives it solid technical advantages.

Multichain compatibility affords frictionless token swaps, DeFi opportunities, and cross-chain functionalities through protocols like Wormhole. It has also been attracting speculative interest from various blockchain communities.

Dogeverse is closing in on a rapid sell-out now with $13 million (hard cap is $17M) raised. Lucrative staking rewards await early investors.

Visit the official Dogeverse website to join the token presale.

Sealana: A Meme Coin Spin on the Viral South Park Character

The meme coin market may be dominated by canines now, as the success of Dogeverse proves again.

However, the reception of projects like Sealana (SEAL) indicates a trend shift. There is room for more niches to shine and thrive.

Sealana is an all-American redneck seal that is trading its way out of mom’s basement like a true 21st-century patriot chasing the American Dream.

A spin on the viral South Park character Gamer Guy, Sealana symbolizes all modern idlers glued to their screens. But he is a Web3 trader, unlike Gamer guy.

“Whaled at his PC and growing by the day, Sealana is so absorbed in the degen market that he’s abandoned the gorgeous figure of his youth for a trader’s diet of chips and tinned tuna. His obsession with finding the next big Solana meme coin keeps his flippers busy and his living room a big fat mess,” points out the website.

Solana Meme Coins Are a Big Hit – Sealana Next to Pump?

In the Web3 market, the year 2024 marks the surge of Solana meme coins. Solana has quickly become the go-to blockchain for meme coins, thanks to its viral potential.

For a better perspective, Solana coin Popcat ($POPCAT) has recorded a 14% surge on the daily chart, while Solama ($SOLAMA) has jumped 25% overnight.

Another good example is Slerf, which launched one of the most controversial presales of 2024. The team accidentally burned the entire presale supply after a multi-million presale.

Degens found an unmatched opportunity in the supply shortage, pushing the trading volume to 1.7 billion in its opening hours. Presale investors were refunded later. Social media speculate that the Slerf team is behind Sealana. With Sealana, their goal might be a smoother presale launch.

Not to mention, canine coins like DogWifHat ($WIF) and Bonk ($BONK) have amassed market caps in billions, thanks to the blockchain tag.

Meme Coin Mania Catalyzes the Sealana Presale

With Solana price recovering, Solana meme coins are in demand again. Solana’s growing appeal lies in its fertile digital economy for apps and financial services.

To join the Sealana presale, investors will need a funded SOL wallet. For every 1 SOL, investors will be credited 6,900 $SEAL by the end of the presale.


Factoring in the low initial market cap and the growing enthusiasm around the project, Sealana could prove to be a meme coin goldmine by the end of the month.

To stay updated about the presale and the project development, join the newly launched Sealana community on Telegram and Twitter.

To buy Sealana, visit the official website.

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