Pat Bev won’t answer your questions unless you sub to his garbage podcast

Patrick Beverly had himself a night on Thursday — everywhere but on the court. The Bucks were eliminated from the NBA Playoffs following a garbage game from Bev, and then he chose to not only to throw a ball at a fan, which will result in a suspension, but refused to answer questions from the media unless they subscribed to his podcast.

Wearing a knit hat that read “BELT ASS — SUBSCRIBE TO THE POD,” Beverly not only refused to take a question from Malinda Adams of ESPN, a veteran producer — but later pushed her microphone away, saying she didn’t even have a right to record his words because she didn’t subscribe to his podcast.

For the sake of research I unfortunately sought out his podcast, and it sucks. Every question about basketball is predictably met with Pat Bev talking about why he’s great, why critics are wrong, and how he’s a “full-blooded hooper” without really offering anything illuminating at all. When the conversation isn’t about basketball he’s giving such sage advice as “if your girl is mad at you, take her to the movies.”

This insistence on people subbing to Beverly’s podcast has been a thing ever since he arrived in Milwaukee.

Forever a legend in his own mind, Pat Bev is putting his secondary job of being a mid podcaster over his primary job of being a mid NBA player. When the Bucks desperately needed him to step up on Thursday, Bev obviously missed the memo the rest of the Bucks’ starters got.

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I guess he’s prepping for his life after basketball, which at this point might be a good idea.

UPDATE: Malinda Adams says that Patrick Beverly has called her to apologize.

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