Overcoming Your Past

I’ve had to overcome a lot. My mom died when I was nine. My stepdad abandoned me and my siblings within hours of her funeral. After that, I spent time in foster care, and a couple of years later, my biological father died of alcoholism.

No doubt you’ve survived some difficulties of your own. Struggle is universal. So are the solutions for overcoming it. Here are four ways to break free from your past:

  1. Accept the fact that your suffering cannot be changed. The more you embrace the bad that’s happened to you the less power it will have, and the more gratitude you’ll feel for the good things in life.
  2. Invest in who you are today. What are you passionate about right now? Don’t sit around, waiting for your life to begin. Discover your purpose. Get out there and make something happen. Maximize your now while you anticipate your later.
  3. Envision a better future for yourself. Set goals. Seek out new opportunities. Anchor yourself in a greater purpose that motivates you forward.
  4. Guard against bitterness. Bitterness will trick you into believing that you improve your future by holding on to the past. The truth is you build a better future by freeing yourself from the past.

If you’re struggling and could use someone to talk to, give one of our counselors here at Focus on the Family a call. The number is 1-800-A-FAMILY.

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