Oakland A’s again block all replies on Twitter after realizing how much everyone hates the A’s

The entire Oakland A’s relocation to Las Vegas has been a botched comedy of errors beyond compare. There’s still no firm plans in place on how their new ballpark will be funded, it’s unclear if anyone in Vegas actually wants them, and they’ve alienated their Oakland fans to the point where it’s unclear who will actually pay to see them in 2024.

So, the team did what is does best: Puts their fingers in their ears, scream loudly, and bury they head in the sand once more. All replies have been turned off for their posts on Twitter, all in an attempt to avoid heading the endless string of negative comments about the team.

Any attempt to reply to something as simple as their Spring Training lineup is met with this.

Screen Shot 2024 03 20 at 12.36.33 PM

This isn’t anything new. Back in December the A’s did the same thing under the weight of public condemnation for their planned move. It’s a bold move to try and simply drown it all out by ignoring that other people exist, but it’s basically all the team has at this point.

On the one hand you have to feel bad for the social media team who have to handle the A’s account. They didn’t ask for any of this, and their jobs are undoubtably more toxic since ownership planned the move — but also, turning off replies is the biggest social media punk move in the game.

The Athletics chose this. They decided to abandon their fans. They chose to leave Oakland without a real plan in place beyond “we’d like free money from Nevada, please.” Now with stadium plans stalled at the rendering phase it’s unclear how, or when this move will ever actually happen.

We’ll see this is resolves itself like it did the last time the A’s blocked replies, by them giving up after weeks of being mocked — or if this is the new normal. One thing is certain: This mess is only getting more gross.

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