Make of It What You Will Other Minds Always Offers a Musical Change of Pace

Thirty-one years after its founding, Other Minds, the brainchild of Charles Amirkhanian and Jim Newman, is still going strong as a presenter of experimental contemporary music with an emphasis on “the most original, eccentric, and underrepresented creative voices.” Here’s a presentation of Linda Bouchard and the Ensemble TriOcular+ performing three of her “Live Structures” pieces. 

linda bouchard 365
Linda Bouchard

The pieces use real-time graphics to explore different ways of interpreting data into musical notation. Bouchard’s custom digital tool Ocular Score pushes the boundaries of expression while revealing the high-octane creativity of the performers. The system allows the composer to interact with the score as it is being created in a performance setting. The musicians’ sounds create images which the composer manipulates with the help of filters. These visualizations produce graphic scores created in real time and used in the live performance. — Other Minds

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