Largest Ethena (ENA) Staker Sells $14.1M in Tokens, Suffers $13M Loss

ENA – the native token of Ethena – has been facing significant selling pressure in recent weeks. After an extended period of price declines, ENA plunged to $0.73, representing its weakest price level since May 20th.

This, in turn, has translated to huge losses for ENA stakers.

Lookonchain revealed that the largest ENA staker, who had staked 23.24 million ENA – worth around $17.3 million – unstaked their entire holding on Tuesday. In a surprising move, this whale then sold 19.36 ENA – worth over $14.1 million – at a significant loss.

To put things into perspective, the on-chain data also revealed that this investor had initially withdrawn 23.24 million ENA from Binance between April 5 and April 10, when the token was trading at around $1.29. However, after the recent sell-off, the investor is currently left with only 3.88 million ENA – worth $2.74 million.

As a result, the whole ordeal translated to a loss of more than $13 million.

ENA has failed to post a meaningful rebound despite its ecosystem growing steadily. According to the latest stats on DefiLlama, the TVL locked in the Ethena project has been on an upward trend, reaching a staggering $3.44 billion as of June 12th.

Moreover, the Ethena ecosystem’s USDe stablecoin has seen impressive growth since its public launch. In the first week alone, its supply reached $400 million before eventually surpassing $2 billion barely two months later.

The meteoric rise prompted concerns, especially considering the collapse of the ill-fated algorithmic stablecoin, Terra’s UST.

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