Kevin Harlan’s call of a chicken wing thrown on the court needs to be in ‘NBA 2K’ asap

There was an absolutely magical moment on Thursday night when a chicken wing was thrown on the court in the middle of Pelicans vs. Kings.

Kevin Harlan was on the call for TNT and honestly, you just need to see it.

“Somebody’s throwing something on the floor … 46 seconds to go, and a whistle blew. It’s a chicken wing. Why would someone throw something that good out on the floor? It’s crispy, it’s warm — and I almost had to go out on the floor. I’m so hungry.”

With the camera locked on the chicken wing Harlan continued, pondering if the man from the clean up crew would eat the floor wing, but to no avail.

It’s a moment so surreal that it feels like it’s from a parody TikTok of Kevin Harlan, not actually Harlan himself — and yet here we are. The real test, and I hope the folks at 2K listen, is that we need the chicken wing call put in NBA 2K25. If Red Panda can be added to the halftime shows, and Harlan is already doing the commentary then there’s no reason not to put it in the game.

Make it happen.

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