Jordan Spieth shares ‘drunk’ perspective on dealing with Ryder Cup crowds

The Ryder Cup is known for its passion among players and fans.

It’s also known for its pressure and, sometimes, some inebriated heckling, too.

But Jordan Spieth has learned to tune out the rowdiness, especially when he is playing in Ryder Cups on European soil.

“I try and just throw it out of my head and just stick to what I’m doing because I think blocking out the noise is the healthiest thing to do,” Spieth said when asked about playing in front of a rowdy gallery.

“I have played a lot of matches with Patrick Reed. When he felt insulted, he turned the notch up. When I feel insulted, I don’t turn it up or down. I’m just like, okay, they are drunk, move on.”

Ryder Cup, Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas

Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas talk during a practice round ahead of the 2023 Ryder Cup.
Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Spieth’s ‘drunk’ comment drew plenty of laughs from within the media center, but he does have a valid point.

Ryder Cups are difficult to watch for those on the property, especially on Friday and Saturday, when only four matches are being played at a time.

So, often, fans will find a spot, sit on a particular hole, and wait for the matches to come to them. That is usually when the beverages start flowing.

Nevertheless, Spieth has played in enough Ryder Cups to know what is happening. He also has empathy too.

“I’ve also shouted plenty of things at sporting events at people that I have no reason to do, so I also try to say, pot and kettle, and recognize that it’s all just sport and move on,” Spieth added.

“Everyone approaches it differently, and how I get up and get going normally is not affected by that. But for some guys, it is. I could be jealous of that in certain cases.”

Spieth will undoubtedly get fired up because his passion for the Ryder Cup is second to none. But that fire will likely not arise from the fans; instead, it will come from within himself and his team.

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