Indonesia Sailing in Style With Silolona Sojourns

Silolona sailing lead pic body
Silolona at dusk in the volcanic Indonesian island landscape

Stepping aboard either of these roomy vessels, and enjoying the voyage through Nusa Tenggara, also historically known as the Spice Islands, from the sprawling fore and aft deck areas, with the sound of the wind in the sails, is a good start to the beginning of a real holiday charter escape.

Silolona Sojourns operates the two very comfortably furnished yachts, upon which charters generally start from a week’s stay aboard, with all meals, crew, tour/expedition leader and a certain amount of marine toys (including kayaks, snorkel and scuba gear, waterskiing) included within booking fees – and some requiring a surcharge. Cabins are decorated in keeping with the stained timber of the main decks: warm, luxurious and well-served with amenities.

Si Datu Bua Main Deck 2
Si Datu Bua, like Silolona has generous and comfortable main-deck lounging areas

Silolona was the first charter boat, built of sustainable selected Borneo ironwood and other hardwoods to a design that melds traditional Indonesian fisher-folk phinisi with a few simplified lines in the interpretation by Kasten Marine Design studio, USA, and a state-of-the-art navigation and communication system. Within the 49.8m length overall, and 10m beam are three kingsize master suites, and two queen-size cabins with extra child beds available for all.

At 40.2m overall length, 3.2m wide at maximum draft and with a relaxed cruising speed of 10 knots, Si Datu Bua, the operator’s second hull has a kingsize double suite and two queen-size ones (children’s beds can be set up in any of these) and is also equipped with two RIB tenders.

One fascinating island cluster to visit is Flores, which has maintained much of its indigenous culture in several pockets of its largely rural settlements.

The adventure through the Flores Archipelago is filled with a stunning chain of narrow, rugged islands crowned with dramatic volcanoes, often adorned with untamed natural beauty. Each island in this group boasts elements of its own traditional culture, handwoven textiles, and dialects.

Koo Rai Dance Savu
The Koo Rai ritual dance also displays local ikat fabric weaving  

Life here remains beautifully simple, with communities thriving on farming and fishing, maintaining a way of life that has changed little over generations.

With Silolona Sojourns, your journey begins in Maumere, the capital of the main Flores Island, and culminates on the unspoiled shores of Sumba Island. This region is known for its exceptional diving and snorkelling.

Flores 2
White sand and pristine waters abound around Flores

Secluded bays, pristine beaches and tranquil anchorages abound around these waters and the cultural richness of the islands is captivating.

Ancient rituals, dances, traditional ikat weaving and tribal dwellings still exist. A unique ritual of hundreds of men on horseback, signalling the arrival of seaworms is one of many of the archipelago’s mystical cultural events to behold.

Savu Horses body text image
On Savu Island, the horse is a main mode of transport

While colourful coral and fish always impress in this vicinity, one of the most spectacular sights is above the water line: Batutara Volcano, standing alone in the middle of the sea, regularly emitting fiery boulders. Nearby, at a black-sand beach, you can walk right into the water to snorkel or dive among vibrant corals that sparkle like precious gems against the dark backdrop.

Si Datu Bua
Si Datu Bua, in full sail-power glory

Luxury yacht charter specialist Silolona Sojourns has been offering personalised yacht expeditions in Southeast Asia, especially in Indonesia, for 20 years.

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