Woman was tracked by AirPods

Houston woman alerts others after she claims that she was being tracked by AirPods

Are you being tracked? AirTags and AirPods can lead to the unwanted following. Apple has partnered with law enforcement to fight it.

After her location was tracked by an Apple AirPod headphone for hours, a Houston woman has urged others to be aware.

Apple acknowledges that it received reports from criminals about AirTags and AirPods being used maliciously. However, they say that they are working with law enforcement to address the problem.

AirTags are approximately the same size as a quarter. They can be attached to keys, wallets, or other devices to locate them if they get lost. The technology is advertised as harmless but criminals have discovered a way to exploit it.

Raven Lemon, a Houston firearms instructor, claimed she was a victim in July. She was followed by an AirPod from a nearby restaurant.

Lemon began receiving alerts from Apple while driving. She didn’t pay much attention at first. But when she did, she saw that an AirPod had been tracking her for 17 minutes. The alert map indicated that the tracking started near the restaurant.

Lemon stated, “No one prepares you for such things.” “At least I was capable of calm down and to think of a strategy. However, I was unsure of what to do. “Do you call the police?”

Raven called her family, kept driving, and eventually, the tracking stopped. Raven believes the motive wasn’t robbery, as she doesn’t own a luxurious car or wear expensive jewelry.

She said, “I don’t know their motivations but I’m pretty certain I’m lucky to exist here.”

Apple states on its website that AirTag was created to help individuals locate their personal belongings and not track other people’s property.

Apple stated that it is working with law enforcement in order to combat criminal use.

Apple also stated that it has made security improvements. When they are being tracked, users are notified. AirTag or AirPod can make a sound to assist in finding it. Only a device that is found can be disabled. For more security tips from Apple,

Lemon stated that the protections are not enough.

Lemon stated, “There shouldn’t be a way for people to just put something on your vehicle, that they can then go buy at a store for less than $25 and be able track you.”

Lemon didn’t call police because she couldn’t find a device or was not prepared for the situation. Lemon said that she would call the police if it happens again.

Houston Police Department stated that it has not received any reports about this incident to date, but advised anyone concerned about their safety to call 911 or go to the station.

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