Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro 6E packs are up to $60 off

A mesh router system can be a great option for those with a large home or those with multiple floors or walls in a row. They can help mitigate Wi-Fi dead zones and help make sure that you have internet coverage throughout your entire residence. The Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro 6E is one of our favorite mesh Wi-Fi systems and our top pick for newcomers who want something that just works more or less out of the box. Right now, you can save on packs at Wellbots thanks to our exclusive discount code. A bundle of three nodes is $60 off the usual price of $400 with the code ENGADGET60. You’ll get free shipping too.

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The Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro 6E is our top pick for mesh router newcomers.

Save $60 with code

$340 at Wellbots

Each router can cover up to 2,200 square feet, so three of them can cover as much as 6,600 square feet — perhaps enough to reach the furthest edge of a large garden. If you don’t need quite that much coverage, you can opt for a two-pack of the routers. That bundle typically costs $300, but by using the code ENGADGET50, you can save $50.

Wi-Fi 6E routers deliver speeds that are up to twice as fast as Wi-Fi 6. That’s because they use a newer and less-congested radio band that directs a signal along a more direct route to the most dependable internet connection — as long as the devices connecting to the network support Wi-Fi 6E too.

Google claims that it uses ongoing optimization and network performance analysis to minimize network congestion. The Nest Wi-Fi Pro will also be aware when you’re streaming video or on a video call, and it will you more bandwidth.

We gave the Nest Wi-Fi Pro 6E a score of 87 in our review last year. While there are faster and more powerful Wi-Fi 6E mesh systems, Google’s offering is easy to set up and use. It also integrates with Google Assistant (and has support for Matter and Thread). So, if you’re already entrenched in the Google smart home ecosystem and have other compatible products, the Nest Wi-Fi Pro 6E might be a logical solution for you.

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