GameStop Should Buy Bitcoin Says Scaramucci, RoaringKitty Streams For the First Time in years

GameStop and its stock price have been the talking point of many crypto-centric and traditional finance communities throughout the past few days – not without reason.

GME’s price went on a massive rollercoaster this week, soaring by 130% and plummeting by 55% shortly after.

Many financial experts have chipped in with opinions, one of whom is the prominent BTC permabull – Anthony Scaramucci.

GameStop Should Buy Bitcoin: Scaramucci

GameStop was all the rage this week as virtually everyone who is even remotely interested in the so-called meme trading was anticipating today’s stream of Keith Gill.

Gill, who is perhaps better known by his nickname Roaring Kitty – went live on YouTube hours ago for the first time in almost four years, but we will get to that in a second.

Earlier today, GameStop filed to sell up to 75 million more shares as the price soared above $60. The market didn’t take this well, and GME tumbled by more than 50% today, currently trading below $30.

Anthony Scaramucci of SkyBridge Capital came up with an interesting suggestion.

Replying to the statement above, Scaramucci said:

GameStop should buy #BITCOIN

Roaring Kitty Goes Live on YouTube

One of the most highly-anticipated events today was Keith Gill’s live stream on YouTube.

Gill, who became famous for building a massive GME position and then being a leading figure behind the stock’s massive rally back in 2020, was talking live on a broadcast that received over half a million views in a few hours.

It’s worth noting that multiple GME-inspired meme coins were trending upward before the stream. However, as the stock’s price tumbled today, so did these meme coins.

For instance, GME and ROAR declined by some 25% and 35%, respectively, throughout the stream itself. None of these are affiliated with Gill, at least not officially.

During the stream, Roaring Kitty confirmed that he’s still holding his positions and that he hasn’t opened new ones.

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