Gov. Dan Patrick reelection

Democratic Texas senator endorses Republican Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick is running for reelection

State Senator Eddie Lucio Jr. is a Democrat from Rio Grande Valley and he endorsed Republican Lt. Governor. Dan Patrick will be reelected on Tuesday. Lucio called Patrick “hero and legend”.

Editor’s Note: This video is from KHOU 11’s previous coverage of the Texas Lieutenant Governor race. Governor race.

This endorsement is the latest in the race, after Patrick’s Democratic rival, Mike Collier, was supported by two Republicans, Tarrant County Judge Glen Whitley, and state Sen. Seliger from Amarillo.

Lucio, like Whitley and Seliger, is retiring. Patrick has been a friend for many years, and they have often aligned on social issues such as their opposition to abortion. Tweeted Lucio: “Proudly endorse Patrick, the best [lieutenant governor] that I’ve ever served,” wrote. Lucio was the first member of the Senate in 1991. He said that Patrick’s reelection was “a must for Texas.”

Lucio listed the reasons why he supported Patrick. Lucio also included #LIFE, which is an apparent reference to the topic of abortion. Seliger and Whitley backed Collier recently, citing their long-standing problems with Patrick’s hostility towards local government. Patrick’s campaign reacted by calling them “dinosaur[s]”.

Lucio has been a vocal opponent of his party on certain issues for a long time, and Patrick’s relationship is a part of that. Patrick released a statement Wednesday morning stating that he was honored to receive Lucio’s endorsement.

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