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We all love the pride of a freshly cleaned car. But let’s face it: none of us really want the hassle of washing our car ourselves at home – all those buckets, brushes, sponges, and detergents – or the wasted time and expense of finding a self-service petrol station pressure washer or a drive-through car wash that’s actually working.

Even if you opt for a more personal hands-on service, driving to a local valeting or detailing specialist means taking time out of your busy day. You’ll be lucky to drive straight in without sitting a queue, and you’ll probably have to hang around twiddling your thumbs while the work’s done. So, what if the valet could come to you instead?

Well, that’s where the Clean Me app comes in, helping you find a mobile car wash near you.

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What is Clean Me?

Clean Me is a downloadable marketplace app that gives you convenient efficient all-in-one access to a wealth of local valeting and detailing specialists who bring their mobile car wash services directly to your door – whether it’s at your home, or at your place of work – so that you don’t need to waste any time or disrupt your day.

Using the Clean Me app, you can search your area to find the most appropriate providers near you, with the ability to pre-book up to 28 days ahead of when you’d like your car to be cleaned. You can contact your preferred valet or detailer at any time using the chat icon on their profile, and you get push notifications in the app to receive updates on your booking, or any relevant promotions or announcements. 

The Clean Me app also lets you share feedback and ratings for providers: helping us highlight the best-quality valets and detailers, while building a trustworthy community with valuable information for your fellow users. And, ultimately, if a mobile car wash service provider cancels your booking, you’ll be automatically refunded.

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