British man manages to sum up everything wrong with the NFL in one TikTok

The NFL is all about spreading the joys of football to the world, but some things are still very confusing for a fan from abroad. One British fan had some serious questions about why football is the way it is following the AFC and NFC Championship games — and honestly, he nails it.

Let me assure our British brethren that we want these things too. Trust me, we know these are all issues in the NFL. A sensible league would listen to fans and try to fix them, but this isn’t a sensible league — and fans are made to feel like we have zero agency in the NFL, because we’ll keep watching football no matter what.

  1. Kickoffs: Yes, they suck at they’re pointless now. They either achieve nothing or they’re stupidly dangerous, and there’s no middle ground.
  2. Penalties: Yes, they’re unfair. They’re also intentionally unfair because the league’s goal is to make games higher scoring, because they think we’re not nuanced enough to appreciate low scoring games. Okay, we’re not — but the point remains.
  3. Lack of technology: Yeah, we don’t know why we still use old men with chains for distance.
  4. Commentators suck: They sure do, and we just lost one of the only ones worth a damn in Greg Olsen so Tom Brady can take his job.

Thank you for pointing out everything wrong with our national sport.

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