Breece Hall and Quincy Williams have high hopes for the New York Jets in 2024

The New York Jets were one of the more interesting teams in the NFL in 2023 for being not very interesting at their primary function: winning football games.

All told this past season was a disaster for the Jets although circumstances were obviously impacted by the injury that Aaron Rodgers suffered right as it all began. There was definitely effort on display as the team tried to soldier on, but ultimately the attrition of an NFL season got to them and they floundered towards the finish line.

We all have some very understandable questions about this past Jets season and were very interested in asking two players on the team about, well, a lot of stuff. On Wednesday afternoon my co-worker J.P. Acosta and I were lucky enough to talk to Breece Hall and Quincy Williams, while getting to eat wings in the process, about a variety of things.

There will be video and audio of these interviews as Super Bowl week rolls on but because technology is untrustworthy (looking at you Skynet) when we finished the chat we realized the recording file was corrupted. Womp.

Thankfully J.P. and I have the memories of elephants and remembered the high points of what Breece and Quincy said and we have documented that for you here. We also got a sweet picture.

Breece Hall believes expectations should be higher for the Jets in 2024

At one point during our conversation Breece Hall literally ate a wing which was quite the power move. In an effort to reestablish some sense of respectability for myself I decided to ask him if he feels like things have finally calmed down for a team that was at the center of attention for all of the year what with the season ending. I even asked if that would be nice because, well, you know, the Jets.

Interestingly Breece doubled down and said he believes expectations should be even higher for the Jets in 2024 and confidently said that Aaron Rodgers would be returning. Obviously it makes sense for him to believe in his teammate but my takeaway (besides that he rightfully preferred ranch as his dipping sauce) was that this team’s confidence is not shaken despite a tumultuous season.

— RJ Ochoa

Quincy Williams and his brother literally know what the other is thinking

If you want to know how Jets LB Quincy Williams and his brother, Jets DT Quinnen Williams, can seemingly both be in a gap before the opposing offense is in the gap, the answer is simple: lots and lots of Madden.

The Williams brothers play together with split screens on, and can run through their calls on the video game while helping each other improve. Constant improvement has been the name of the game for the Jets’ defense, who have been third in the NFL in defensive EPA per play allowed since 2022. Williams came over from Jacksonville in free agency in 2021 and has played the best football of his career since joining his brother in New York. When asked about how the defense can continue to play at a high level even with all of the offensive turnover, Williams said it’s about keeping the consistent standard of excellence at all levels of the defense, and keeping the intensity up even when things change around them.

Williams is also one of, if not the best tacklers in the league, but said he would much rather attempt to tackle Titans’ RB Derrick Henry than Giants RB Saquon Barkley. Williams said that with Henry, he’s expecting a stiff arm and can maneuver around that. With Barkley, Williams said he spins on contact, and can also jump cut, making his moves less predictable.

Either way, Williams has taken down the both of them, and with he and Quinnen still on the same team, opposing offenses should be in trouble.

— J.P. Acosta

As noted we did get a picture… and a valuable lesson in how to not have files be corrupted in the future.

IMG 5192

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