Breaking: Renault Twingo to return as 2026 sub-£17,000 city car

So far, Renault Group has only given a few outline details on the new Twingo, describing it as a “fit-for-purpose urban vehicle with no compromise”. It claims the machine will offer an impressive efficiency of 6.2mpkWh, and will offer 75 per cent lower CO2 emissions over its lifecycle than the “average European ICE car sold in 2023”.

A previous report in Automotove News Europe suggests that the Legend model could be built at Renault’s factory in Novo Mesto, Slovenia. It would neatly fill the gap left by the Twingo, which is still available in some left-hand-drive markets, but is nearing 10 years old. The Zoe, which is being phased out of production after ten years, will be more directly replaced by the 5. 

The Legend will be priced at less than €20,000 (£17,000), which Renault Group claims will cost less than €100 (£87) per month. The firm is due to show the car and reveal further details later today (Wednesday).

The Capital Market Day financial event also serves as a launch for the Ampere firm, a new standalone company within Renault Group. Officially launched on November 1, it will design, engineer manufacture and market EVs in Europe – although models will be sold under the Renault brand. It will have around 35,000 employees.

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