BMW Vision Neue Klasse X sets template for brand's electric SUVs

BMW has yet to reveal any performance figures for its future EVs, although Neue Klasse project boss Mike Reichelt said that “efficiency was the non-plus ultra for electric driving”. He added: “That means it’s vital to get the most out of the battery cells, and BMW is the master of efficient dynamics.”

BMW claimed its sixth-generation eDrive system (comprising new motors and new round lithium ion battery cells in place of prismatic ones), new tyre designs and new brake system developed especially for EVs, which will all be used by Neue Klasse models, will increase efficiency by up to 25% and range by up to 30%.

BMW said its new batteries are 20% more energy-dense than its current ones, while a new 800V electrical architecture enables them to charge up to 30% faster (the current iX3 can accept rates of up to 150kW).

It also claimed the Vision Neue Klasse X creates 20% less aerodynamic drag than a ‘comparable’ current model.

Key to the new SUV’s dynamic performance will be the four high-performance computers, including the ‘Heart of Joy’ system – a ‘superbrain’ that has been developed in-house to control all of a car’s dynamic functions.

Alexander Karajlovic, head of drive technology for the concept, said that “with the Neue Klasse cars we will redefine what is meant by sheer driving pleasure”.

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