Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid S 2023 long-term test

On the other hand, Bentley has recently produced new modifiable ‘themes’ to help you specify the car you want, and there’s always the offered chance to chat with a designer. 

Last, the driving experience. The mild disappointment of no four-wheel steering aside, this is a beautiful car with impressive grip and roll control when cornering, excellent centre feel (the hand-crafted steering wheel helps here) and accuracy that seems to improve with the miles and allows you to place the car confidently in confined spaces, despite its size. 

As a type, saloons are less fashionable than they were, so the market seems to think. Except in the limousine arena and except, especially, in my head. Bentley recently started positioning the Bentayga Extended Wheelbase SUV as its flagship, but I didn’t believe it then and, after my Spur experience, I passionately don’t believe it now. That Bentayga, or indeed any Bentayga, is only an SUV. Whatever the price, the Spur still sits at the pinnacle. 

Second Opinion

What I loved most about the Flying Spur is how it makes ordinary, mundane moments feel special. On a drive to the seaside, we bought some cockles and, rather than a bench, took them to the Bentley’s back seats to eat them. I’ve eaten lots of cockles before but now can only ever recall eating them in one luxurious place and will always associate them with the Spur. 


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Love it:

Magnificent interior It’s of wonderful quality and, if you choose well, looks great. Comfort and adjustability are class best. 

Ride comfort Long wheelbase, air suspension, plenty of body mass and sound-deadening really deliver. 

Impressive economy Charge as often as possible and you get MPG in the high-30s, despite deploying the power when needed. 

Imposing styling People stare more than at even the ritziest Bentayga. The proportions are a little old but it’s still beautiful. 

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