Archaeologists Discover Stunning Blue Room In Pompeii

Experts believe the 8-square metre room can be interpreted as a shrine, or a space dedicated to ritual activities and the storage of sacred objects.


A new room with painted blue walls, a very rare colour in Pompeian spaces, has emerged in Pompeii during recent excavations in the central area of the ancient city.

The stunning blue-ground walls are decorated with female figures representing the four seasons and allegorical representations of agriculture and pastoralism, according to experts.

Construction materials, ready to be used in renovations, were also found at the site, as well as a pile of already consumed oyster shells, which according to archaeologists once crushed were probably added to plaster and mortar mixes.

Additionally, fifteen transport amphorae and a bronze set consisting of two jugs and two oil lamps were found in the room.

The excavation activities that led to the recent discovery are part of a larger project to secure a vast area that includes more than 13,000 rooms in 1,070 housing units.

“Pompeii is truly a treasure chest that never ceases to surprise us and arouse amazement because, every time we dig, we find something beautiful and significant,” says the Minister of Culture, Gennaro Sangiuliano.

Just earlier this year, Pompeii archaeologists unearthed an extraordinary banquet hall, containing frescoes depicting mythological scenes inspired by the Trojan War.

It’s been described as one of the most striking discoveries ever made at the archaeological site in the south of Italy.

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