Ableton's Push standalone MIDI controller is 20 percent off in early Black Friday deal

Ableton’s simply-named Push MIDI controller, which is actually the Push 3 for those keeping count, straight from the manufacturer, bringing the cost down to $1,600 from that eye-watering MSRP of $2,000. This deal’s for the standalone version of the hardware, so you can make beats wherever you want.

Ableton doesn’t do hardware sales too often, so this is worth considering if you’ve been on the fence about the Push controller. To sweeten the deal, the company’s also selling its DAW, Live 11, , bringing the price down to $350 for the standard version and $600 for the complete Suite version with 70+ gigs of additional content. There’s also a bare-bones version for $80, down from $100.

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If you’re an Ableton-head, you probably know that with a release date of early next year. Don’t worry. Buying Live 11 now with today’s discount ensures a free upgrade to Live 12 when it arrives.

The latest and greatest Push controller is a hybrid device that works as a standalone groovebox or connected to the computer, We admired the Push controller calling out the usefulness of the 64 MPE enabled pads and the power of the integrated 11th Core i3 processor with 8GB of RAM.

We were impressed by the decreased latency during use, noting that playing with the controller in standalone mode actually featured less lag than when working tethered to a computer. This makes it a fantastic device for live performances. The battery life isn’t the greatest, but that’s to be expected with all of that juice. The price is also exorbitant, which has been mitigated a bit by this sale.

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