2028 Alfa Romeo 4E primed as electric 4C successor

It’s possible that, like Alpine, Lotus and Porsche, Alfa could look to emulate the dynamics of today’s mid-engined sports cars by locating its battery in the centre of the chassis – which would also facilitate a traditional cab-forward shape. 

It has been suggested that Alfa will attempt to emulate elements of the 4E’s combustion-engine forebears in a bid to emphasise the emotional appeal – and the firm is exploring ways to differentiate the driving experience of an electric sports car from that of its mainstream EV models.

Guzzafame explained: “It’s not what you hear, it’s what you feel. We’re working on how to transfer that into a vibe, more than sound, and something that will resonate in your ear, because you need to get something from your gut. If you feel that, then that will be the future of Alfa Romeo.”

Drivers will be able to switch off this function, however.

“If I think about the next-generation Spider, I would love to be in a completely noiseless environment, in nature and at the seaside,” said Guzzafame.

The 4E’s cockpit, meanwhile, will be designed completely in line with Alfa’s push to make its interiors “driver-focused”, with a traditional double-cowled instrument panel and a central infotainment screen that gives the driver important information but doesn’t also deliver a host of potential distractions.

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